Texture coating system was first introduced as "designer finishes for walls", allowing designers to transform walls into "fashion statements".


Imitating the structure of concrete, this is a beautiful fusion between the elegance of architectural lines and rawness of solid cement effects, naturally exalting the beauty of modern industrial inscribed within urban living. 


Impressive wide range of decorative finishes to supplement the aesthetics appeal of your space. From smooth to stony textures, classic to striated finishes, traditional to pearlescent and glittery colours, be dazzled by the transformation of the space to one that is luxurious and opulent.


Go back to the basics with our mineral decorative coatings suitable for both interior and exterior usage. Relive the ancient story with these contemporary materials and experience living to its finest.


A finishing that replicates the rusting effects of metals can become a perfect fit into modern interiors for creative designers and unconventional clients who are bold enough to transform your walls into unique art pieces.


See the potential of texture coating beyond walls, as our coating systems can be applied on floors too. These simple yet unique finishes aims to achieve seamless joints between walls and floors surfaces. Its versatility will also become a perfect complement to your surface decorations, for both interior and exterior usage.  

Disclaimer: Please note that this is not an exhaustive display of all the textures we do, as "customization" of textures and colours are also possible. For more information on our full range of products, please kindly contact us.

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